Sully Baseball Daily Podcast – April 11, 2016


John J. Kim / Chicago Tribune

There is some lunacy in scheduling games in places we know will be cold and miserable.

And somehow I tie in the baseball season to how TV networks do their shows now.

Enjoy this “For All Seasons” episode of The Sully Baseball Daily Podcast

Manny Machado, Brandon Belt, Marco Estrada, Joe Ross, Eduardo Nunez, Nick Markakis, Felix Hernandez and Jeff Locke all added to their totals for Who Owns Baseball yesterday.

See the updated listing of WOB on MLB Reports
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The Frozen Series Could Happen

Think about this very plausible scenario for October and November.

It seems that a lot of people (including your pal Sully) are picking the Colorado Rockies to win the NL West.

And a whole mess of experts are picking the Minnesota Twins to win the AL Central.

Now if you make the playoffs, then by definition you have a shot to win the pennant (just ask the 2002 Angels, the 2003 Marlins, the 2006 Cardinals and the 2007 Rockies about being unlikely World Series participants.)

Think about that for a second… the Twins… the Rockies… two teams that won’t exactly get the highest Nielsen Ratings in the world.

But one team plays in Denver… the other in Minneapolis.

Now imagine playing baseball in late October and early November in those cities… without a roof.

This is a picture taken of Coors Field, home of the Rockies.

Do you know when it was taken?

In MID October during the playoffs.

Meanwhile the Twins are now playing outdoors in Target Field.

I’m not 100% sure when this pic was taken, but it isn’t too much of a stretch to picture a day like this around Halloween in Minneapolis.

Part of me now wants a Rockies/Twins World Series.


Because Fox sends the casts of their shows to sit in choice seats during the World Series to cut to them (and promote their shows) during the game. When they are in New York, or Anaheim or even Boston, there’s a little bit of charm to it.

I love the idea of the cast of Glee, Hell’s Kitchen and Bones shivering under snow while watching Jeff Francis pitch to Joe Mauer.

“So we’ll chat with American Idol’s Kara DioGuardi… once we find her in the snow drift.”

Admit it, you like seeing celebrities uncomfortable.
It’s worth having the Rocks and Twinkies meet up.

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It’s a good thing the Rockies were eliminated

Remember a few weeks ago when the Rockies/Phillies game was snowed out?

OK probably not. Chances are you forgot the Rockies were even IN the playoffs this year. They are stretching the post season out in a ridiculous manner.

It’s one thing to stretch a Series deep into October or even into November when say a huge earthquake hits San Francisco… or it is delayed because of September 11th.

But the World Series shouldn’t end after Halloween because Fox really wants to promote Glee!

Why you say? Well let’s get back to Denver, shall we?

Let’s say the World Series would be in Denver rather than Philadelphia (which would be cold enough!) I’m going to go out on a limb here and say it is a smidge chilly.

How cold?

Well my friend Veronica lives in Denver. She took this picture from her front door today.


Can you imagine Fox dragging the cast of Glee, Bones and Hell’s Kitchen into a blizzard for a nightgame?

Actually it might be kind of fun.

But this is supposed to be the best match up of the baseball year… and with the Twins moving to an outdoor stadium, there is a possibility for a series of November games in Minnesota and Colorado!

How hard could it be to start the season a few weeks earlier?

Play the last two weeks of March in places like Los Angeles, Atlanta, San Diego, Texas, Houston, San Francisco and cities that have a dome like Tampa, Seattle, Arizona, Toronto and Milwaukee.

Or maybe, heaven forbid, play 5 double headers at home and 5 on the road and wrap the season up in mid September.

Anything to avoid having the World Series played on HOTH!!!

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