Sorry soccer, you are a "Once every 4 years" sport in America

So the English team wet the bed today allowing the USA to finish with an exciting 1-1 tie in the World Cup today.

Wow. I don’t think that’s going to whip America into a soccer frenzy.

Look, I know the World Cup is cool. My family lived in Europe in 1982 and I went to a school full of kids from different countries. And during the World Cup it was remarkably exciting and the energy was infectiousness.

And Americans enjoy the World Cup every 4 years the same way they like skiing and track every 4 years.

Now there will always be people writing articles about why Americans haven’t embraced soccer like other countries. But knock it off. It’s simple.

The best players don’t play in America. They play elsewhere. And there is no way the MLS can outbid AC Milan, Manchester United, Real Madrid et al for the best players. So only second rate players will be playing in America… and it will be a minor league except for every 4 years when Soccer begs America to watch it.

Americans will watch competitive hot dog eating if they know they are the best hot dog eaters. And the BEST ONES come to America.

I covered all of this before
but in the name of Freddy Adu… soccer… be happy with the rest of the world! It’s a HELL of a consolation prize.

Now let’s get back to the 0-0 ties.

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