Your pal Sully is a guest on Sports Without Balls with Erin Foley


I was a guest on the Podcast, Sports Without Balls with my great friend Erin Foley.  We talked about baseball, NBA, NHL and the history of the Spirits of St. Louis as well as talking baseball.

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Sully Appears on Sports Without Balls with Erin Foley

Picture by John Rudoff

Picture by John Rudoff

I was a guest on the podcast “Sports Without Balls” starring Erin Foley.

It is my all time favorite sports podcast and comedian Erin Foley has been a friend of the podcast from the beginning (and a friend of mine since the 1990’s when we were comics in New York.)

Usually, men are not on the show but I became the third set of balls over the past 2 and a half years to become a guest on the show.

We talked about the World Series, potential free agents, Dusty Baker and why she was on a cruise to Mexico during the World Series.

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Sully Baseball Daily Podcast – February 27, 2015

Photo by John Rudoff

Photo by John Rudoff

Brilliant comedian Erin Foley, as seen on Conan and in the movie Almost Famous, returns as a guest on The Sully Baseball Daily Podcast. She is the creator and host of my favorite sports podcast Sports Without Balls.

Erin and I talk about Red Sox, Yankees, Kenny Rogers (both of them), her parents and what would have happened if we had kids together.

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