Sully Baseball Podcast Rewind – December 27, 2014


On December 27, 2014, Mark Anderson of @mlbcathedrals returned to talk about proposed ballparks that were never built.

Enjoy this Podcast Rewind

Sully Baseball Daily Podcast – December 27, 2014

Sully Baseball Podcast Rewind -January 3, 2015

oakland11825633_10154128006129937_6927647229696175795_nOn January 3, 2015, I spoke with Mark Anderson, creator of MLB Cathedrals about the A’s and their stadium mess..

Enjoy this Podcast Rewind.

Sully Baseball Daily Podcast – January 3, 2015

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MLB Should Have Kept Just One Concrete Donut Stadium – My latest for Bleacher Report

How can anyone defend the concrete cookie cutter multipurpose stadiums of the 1970s?
Well, I found a way in my latest article for Bleacher Report.

You can read the article HERE.

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