Am I high or did Bengie Molina just steal a base?

I SWEAR I’ve never used a hallucinogenic… but I my eyes are telling me that Bengie Molina stole a base… and my brain can’t handle that.

Maybe I dropped acid earlier today and didn’t know it.

If he did steal that base, it takes the sting out of the triple he hit against the Red Sox last July.

Then again, maybe I’m high.

I’ll ask the dragon I am sitting next to if he saw it too.

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Get Well Dave Roberts…

The Sox are down and they need a lift to spark a lifeless team… they need a Dave Roberts like jolt.

And today we all received news that puts the 2010 Red Sox’s woes in perspective. Dave Roberts, the most beloved 4th outfielder in Red Sox history (sorry Hendu) has lymphoma.

Evidently it was caught relatively early, but still our thoughts, hopes, prayers or whatever you like to do should go to the man who gave all of Boston hope on an unlikely October night.

Good Luck Dave… steal another one… this time for yourself.

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