Did I miss when Colby Rasmus became a big star?

There’s a big story going around about Colby Rasmus not happy with his playing time.
Colby Rasmus wants out of St. Louis.
The press wants to know Colby Rasmus’ thoughts.
“Hey Albert Pujols, what’s YOUR take on Colby Rasmus?”

I even had a reader write me and say, I am quoting you dear reader… “You MUST have an opinion of Colby Rasmus!”

Um yeah. He’s an OK outfielder with 2 years experience. He had a nice first month and a half this year but his stats are nothing special.

And I guess he wants to play every day. OK, hit more. This isn’t Matt Holliday or Yadier Molina making a stink. It’s a player who is OK and will probably end up a 4th outfielder.

STOP THE PRESSES! We’ve got to make sure HE’S happy!

Are we going to devote MLB Tonight time to Felix Pie next?

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