I wish there was a New York Post like sports section in San Francisco

The Giants won a must win, titanic game in San Diego (in front of empty seats). Everything worked. They got homers… they got timely hits… they took the crowd (as it was) out of it and they got a terrific performance from Matt Cain who pitched into the 9th inning.

Now I like the sports sections in the Bay Area… the Sporting Green… the Mercury News… they are all good. But you just don’t have that great tabloid headline that you would have in New York for such a big game.

It was always something I would cherish walking in New York. I’d stop and check the back page headlines… and if they made me laugh, boom… you’ve got my 50 cents.

A big game like the Giants win, which carries them to within 1 game of both the Division and the Wild Card, I am sure there would be some good ones.




WE’LL HUFF…. AND PUFF… AND BLOW YOUR LEAD IN! (Picture of Aubrey Huff.)

DIRTY SANCHEZ (Shot of Freddy Sanchez stealing a base.)

Shame on anyone who gets the last one.

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