When I think Cubs baseball… I think THE ROCKETEER!!!!!!

The Cubs and White Sox just finished their game and WGN was showing a cool Cubs montage.
And it was scored to the main theme of The Rocketeer.

Odd isn’t it?
The Rocketeer wasn’t exactly a blockbuster when it came out (although it was in fact a pretty fun movie.)

It does have a great soundtrack composed by James Horner who went on to score Braveheart and Titanic among others.

But it’s not exactly the most famous score. I wonder who suggested it?
I wonder who said “Cubs baseball? It makes me think of Billy Campbell, Alan Arkin and Paul Sorvino.”

Go rent the movie. I don’t know how it aged, but it has a jaw droppingly hot Jennifer Connelly and also features Timothy Dalton as essentially evil Errol Flynn.

I hope it is still good.
And if it isn’t, then at least it will remind some of you of the Cubs.

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