I’m pumped for Red Sox and Rays! Oh who am I kidding…

For God’s sake, the Red Sox are in third place. Not just for the Division but in the Wild Card hunt. The White Sox leap frogged the Red Sox this weekend.

My team is 8 games back in the loss column on Labor Day. And last time I checked, the Rays aren’t the Padres and won’t be dropping 10 games any time soon.

It’s time to play for pride and count down our TRAGIC number.

So in honor of Fred Lynn, the Red Sox tragic number is 19.

Any combination of Red Sox losses and Rays wins that equal 19 will put this season out of its misery.

(Which means a sweep by the Rays will make the number 13!)

Then again a Red Sox sweep will put the Sox 5 games back in the loss column with 23 to play.

That’s it. I AM pumped for this series!

Let’s go Lester! Go for win #16!

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