Your pal Sully appears on two episodes of The Toy Story Minute (@toystoryminute)


I love appearing on the various movie minute podcasts. My guest spots continue as I joined hosts Jon and Jeb to talk about one of the classic movies of all time, the original Toy Story.

We talked about why Buzz doesn’t know he is a toy, the cowboy vs. astronaut concept, why PIXAR films age better than most animated movies and how Patrick Warburton loved my mom’s cooking.

Listen to me talking about minute 16 by clicking HERE.

Listen to me talking about minute 17 by clicking HERE.

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The World Series doesn’t top Toy Story yet

As I was watching the Giants whittle the outs away to a World Series title, my sons and a friend were in the other room watching Toy Story.

When it got to the bottom of the 9th, I wanted to watch this historic moment with them… especially Aidan who has adopted the Giants as HIS team.

But they were at the point when Buzz learns he can’t really fly.

So I watched the final pitch with my wife and our friend and my guys watched Buzz escape from Sid.

Someday he might regret missing that Giants moment.


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