Sully Baseball Daily Podcast – August 6, 2014


The only people on the planet Earth who could not watch the A’s game today were fans near Oakland. Does that make sense? Of course not. Neither do blackout rules.

Another big rant on The Sully Baseball Daily Podcast.

Colby Lewis, Billy Butler, Johnny Cueto, Juan Uribe, Dallas Keuchel, Albert Pujols and Yonder Alonso all added to their totals for Who Owns Baseball?

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I saw a TV listings of the national Fox games and they did NOT list the A’s/Rangers game today.

And it didn’t list a local channel either.

If the Rangers win they will win their first Division Title since 1999.
PLEASE tell me that Rangers fans can… you know… watch their team win a championship.

You’d think that would be a big deal, even for Rangers fans.

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The Reds game isn’t on TV? Is Cincinnati now Oakland?

The Cincinnati Reds are in first place here in late May. This afternoon they are playing the Atlanta Braves and young phenom Mike Leake is on the mound.

The Reds are blowing the Braves out of the building as of this writing and it looks like the Reds will continue their hot play and stay in first.

And guess what?
According to my MLB.TV links, it isn’t on TV in Cincinnati!

The hell?

I got on Oakland for not broadcasting all of their games… but no offense to Oakland, but in terms of baseball tradition, you aren’t Cincinnati.

The A’s can stay in Oakland or move to Fremont or San Jose and there will still be order in the baseball world.

Removing the Reds from Cincinnati would mean taking a team away from the birthplace of professional baseball.

Seriously? You can’t show every Reds game on TV? Especially when they are on a winning streak and in first place?

Mike Leake is pitching a great game and has a double to boot.

The offense is firing on all pistons as they chased Tommy Hansen after two innings.

Nix homered and hit a 2 run double.

Joey Votto hit a grandslam.

But it isn’t aired in the Queen City!

What in the name of Bid McPhee is going on here?

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