Sully Baseball Salutes… Jody McDonald!

I’ve been a big fan of Jody McDonald for a while.

He was a great co host on WFAN, first with Suzyn (sic) Waldman and then with Joe Beningo.
I even called in a bunch of times… once after the Red Sox extended the 2004 ALCS and I referenced the Pacino line “Just when I thought I was out… they pulled me back in.”
He’s now matched up with Rob Dibble on XM. I was always a big fan of Dibble and Kennedy, but Jody Mac has proved to be a wonderful ying to Dibble’s yang (or is it the other way around.)
Today they were talking about the mess that has the audacity of calling themselves the New York Mets. 
When the subject of the Mets financial woes tied in with Bernie Madoff came up, they talked about how it affected Omar Minaya from pursuing Manny Ramirez when they needed a left fielder.
Jody Mac said “When Minaya didn’t even call the agent, I knew something is rotten in the state of Denmark.”
Folks… Jody Mac dropped a Shakespeare reference during a baseball call in show!
Hamlet, act 1 scene 4. 

It’s one thing to drop a “to be or not to be” reference… but for an XM crowd, that was a smidge more obscure.
I wonder if Dibble caught it.
Either way, kudos for Jody Mac for not talking down to the audience!

And maybe with new management the Mets can unleash the dogs of war.

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