Are you against instant replay? Well you are wrong.

I had a crappy day at work the other day and I made a mistake..

And someone corrected my mistake.

But nobody can correct umpire Tim Welke’s mistake today.

He called Jerry Hairston out at first on a grounder during today’s Dodgers/Rockies game.
First baseman Todd Helton was closer to second base than he was to first. He couldn’t have had his foot on the bag unless he was Mr. Fantastic, stretching out his leg.

It was a botched call.

Again, mistakes happen.

Welke isn’t perfect.

But why can’t this awful call be corrected?

Watch the clip.

About 2 seconds after the call was made, the announcers pointed out that Helton wasn’t near the bag.
Mattingly was out on the field about 5 or 6 seconds after the call was made.

Mattingly and Welke argue for a while.

Whatever Welke is saying in his defense is 100% correct.

No fault of Welke, he hasn’t seen the evidence of his mistake.


The TV cameras show this image.

Pretty subtle, isn’t it?

Now maybe Welke wasn’t in the right position to make the call.

Hey, as I said, we all make mistakes.

This image was beamed to TVs (and hand held tablet devices) less than 40 seconds after the call was blown.

Why can’t someone on the umpiring crew be in the TV booth? (Hey! An extra job and another member of the union!)

And he could call down and have someone with a tablet show Welke the mistake.

He would say “My bad!” and the game would have gone on. Nobody would have a beef and Hairston would be on first BECAUSE HE DESERVES TO BE!

What’s the argument against that?

It would slow the game down?

Mattingly continued to argue while the replay was happening.

So throw that argument in the dumpster. It is meaningless.

It would be good for the game?

How? How is blowing calls good? Especially in a game like this that ended on a walk off homer and that a call here or there could have affected the outcome of the game.

And think of Welke.

He made a mistake. Nobody’s fault. But instead of taking less than one minute to correct it (and it would be forgotten instantly) this bad call will be shown on TV and is already the topic of a Yahoo Sports article.

How is THAT good for baseball?

He made a mistake and no matter how much evidence you have to correct it, we can’t because… um… WHY? Someone tell me!

I seriously think Instant Replay opponents are the baseball equivalent of people who insist there were dinosaurs on Noah’s Ark. No amount of evidence or logical discussions could ever sway them.

Either way… Instant Replay Opponents… you are incorrect.

But I’ve said this before.

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I know very little about Amaury Sanit

I saw the Yankees were getting pounded by Kansas City last night and the new Yankee pitcher was someone named Amaury Sanit.

I am not familiar with him so I clicked on Yahoo Sports to get some info.

Here was his page that I clicked on during last night’s game.

Evidently the good folks at Yahoo don’t know much about him either.

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Tell us your thought process, Yahoo Sports

Yahoo Sports lists the Top Batters on each team for each box score. Both the winning and the losing team gets to have a player highlighted.

I guess this is mainly for fantasy purposes.

But I found this entry to be a bit strange.
When Dallas Braden threw his perfect game on Sunday, Yahoo Sports dutifully picked a top batter for Tampa.

They picked Jason Bartlett… who like the rest of the team went 0-3.

So what was the thought process? Was his 0-3 a productive 0-3?
Were they happy he didn’t go 0-4?
He DID hit a line drive that was caught… were they giving him credit for actually hitting the ball hard AT someone?

Was it just that he was the lead off batter?

If anyone should have been the performer of the game it should have been Gabe Kapler who fouled off a bunch of pitches in the 6th.

Either way, I doubt there were a lot of people who own Jason Barlett in their fantasy league who looked at his line in the box score and said “YES!”

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