Hall of Fame thoughts during Yoga

This afternoon I was at a yoga class. I realize that I couldn’t possibly write anything that makes me sound more like a resident of California than that. But I am going to be 39 this year and I can already feel my body falling apart. And say what you want about yoga, the people who do it like pretty damn healthy when they enter their 40s.

So I was dutifully stretching my body out and about in a studio located in my suburb of Los Angeles and my butt was kicked.

At the end of class, we lie back… allow our bodies to completely relax… and clear our minds of any thoughts.

And as I was lying there, I tried to clear my head. But how could I? Tomorrow they announce the results of the Hall of Fame election.

As everyone else in the room was reaching the pinnacle of inner peace and reflection, I kept seeing the ballot in my head and who I wanted to get in.

Now note I didn’t say who I did NOT want to get in. While there are some people whom I would not vote for if I did have a say in the matter, I can’t imagine being upset or actively rooting against someone’s election.

Someone who I don’t think deserves it?
Someone who used the juice?

Maybe it is the yoga, but I can’t waste any anger on someone getting elected to the Hall of Fame. I would just shrug and say “Well, he wouldn’t have gotten my vote but that’s life.”


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