Returning to Seals Stadium – Audio Story Draft – WSU COM 561

Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum

Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum

For my latest project in Professional Multimedia Creation (Washington State University COM 561), I needed to create a short audio story and edit it with Adobe Audition.

With the recent demolition of Candlestick Park in San Francisco fresh in my mind, I decided to make my audio story about another site where baseball was played in the city. I went to the site where Seals Stadium once existed, which was the first home of the San Francisco Giants.

The defending World Champion Giants are wildly popular and people wearing “SF” hats and the black and orange can be spotted all over the city. But how many walking around the Potrero Center on Bryant Street, walking in and out of the stores, knew they were standing on the very spot where Willie Mays called home.

And I was also curious to where homeplate once existed and if there was any marker to commemorate it.

I had a small recorder with me where I gathered footage of me setting up the journey, first at the remains of Candlestick and then to the Potrero Center. I spoke with a few Giant fans along the way, getting permission to record them each time.

Sometimes the background noise was a bit harsh, but that is the price to pay when recorded interviews on the street.

Whenever I changed location, I also would sit and record ambient sound to use when I was editing.

I had nearly an hour of recordings which I uploaded to Adobe Audition. The hardest part was finding the individual sound bites of what the people I spoke to said. A few of them were pretty funny and quirky but also long winded and took up too much time. It became an act of fishing and trimming the clips to find short declarative statements.

I cut out an entire stop on the journey and also trimmed back the exposition. As it stands now, it is about 30 seconds too long, but I figured for a rough draft, going from 58 minutes to 3 and a half minutes was not a bad job of trimming back.

I blended some of the sounds by putting some talking on one track and another line on another while other times rearranging the order of the sentences to make it flow more smoothly.

One last mix down and my rough draft was complete and ready for posting.

Audition Tutorial Professional Multimedia Content Creation – WSU COM 561

In this Tutorial, I first recorded myself counting from 1 to 10 in a random order. I uploaded that soundfile to Adobe Audition. I cut each number into a separate piece and put them in proper numerical order.

Taking a music piece supplied by the tutorial, I gave the counting a score. Using the diamond tools on the volume for the music, I adjusted the sound so the music did not overwhelm the counting. Using the fade tool, I had the music fade up and fade out.

Beginning and endings of the music were cropped to fit the counting. The edited sound as well as the raw sound of me counting were exported as MP3 files and uploaded to Soundcloud.

Here is the original sound file of my counting numbers out of order.

Here is the finished Adobe Audition Tutorial

The Link to the Original File

The Link to the Finished Tuturial

Sully Baseball Daily Podcast – Updated Logo


So I made a few adjustments from the previous version of the new logo.

First thing was first, I needed better stitches on the baseball. Easier said than done. I followed a few tutorials of how to make a stitch but in the end, I got lost and they looked worse.

After some trial and error, I made a proper bend that looked close enough. I made the outline red. Then I dragged the “stitch” to the brush function. I set the stitch to be a pattern in the brush. Then using the pen function, I created a curve and filled it in with the brush pattern. The “stitches” fell into a curved pattern as I wanted to. I adjusted the anchors to keep the stitches inside the ball outline (which I reduced slightly.)

Then I copied the curve brush and rotated it 180 degrees. I placed it on the other side of the ball to give it the baseball look.

Then I used Franklin Gothic font italics for “Baseball” “Daily” and “Podcast.” Initially I put all the words on the baseball, but it became too cluttered.

I dropped “Daily Podcast” to underneath the ball leaving baseball, appropriately enough, on the baseball. I gave each words a red outline.

For “Sully” I tried many fonts for a baseball feel. Magneto Bold worked best. Originally I put a big “swoosh” underneath it, but once again it made the logo too busy and cluttered so I left the letters alone.

Making “Sully” larger and with a red outline, I centered it on the baseball and finished this draft of my new logo.