Two inert objects collide

Both the Giants and the Pirates have been stumbling.

The Giants have lost their last three series, including a sweep by the Reds, and allowed the Diamondbacks to have realistic playoff hopes.

Meanwhile the Pirates have dropped 10 in a row and turned their surprising playoff run and reenergized fan base into a collective screaming of “When do Steelers preseason games start?”

So a pair of slugs collided at AT&T Park and somehow the Pirates of all teams came to play.

And with Jonathan Sanchez pitching Game 3 of the series, the Giants had BETTER win tomorrow!

The Pirates have circumvented Lincecum and Cain… meanwhile the Giants had better send a nice big fat fruit basket to the Astros and the Dodgers for keeping the Diamondbacks at bay.

Arizona is tied in the loss column with the Giants.

The Giants are three in the loss column behind the Brewers for the honor of avoiding the Phillies in the Division Series.

Hey World Champs… you are Giants, but right now sleeping Giants.

If you nap too long you might be playing golf while the pennant goes through Arizona.

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Jonathan Sanchez should start today… and here’s why

The Giants should take Sanchez’s sorry arm out of the ice pack and throw him today… against Cliff Lee.

And I am kind of serious.

Right now they have Lincecum going up against Lee. It could be a wash. Two awesome aces, neither had their best game in Game 1.

And Lee knows that a win tonight could help him get that $100 million contract in the off season.

So I am basically going back to the logic I used in the Yankee series regarding A. J. Burnett.

If you need a start from Jonathan Sanchez, have him throw three innings tonight… Romo throws 2, Casilla throws 1, Mota throws 1, Ramirez throws 1 and Affeldt throws 1. Each of those pitchers is rested.

And if the Giants lose, they have an off day to rest the arms and have Lincecum throwing Game 6 and Cain Game 7 at home against Wilson and Lewis. Advantage Giants in both games.

I guess what I am saying is, if you HAVE to throw Sanchez, do it when you have two games (and two aces) to spare.

It’s not going to happen. But it’s worth saying it NOW instead of a second guess.

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