Hall of Fame Predictions and Wishes

Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Here’s what I THINK will happen and what I WISH would happen with today’s Hall of Fame vote announcement.

 Five Players will be elected to the Hall of Fame this year.

The need to clear up the backlog is too strong and the no brainer candidates will make part of today easy.

Randy Johnson is obviously in.

Pedro Martinez, my favorite player of all time, is a shoo in.

John Smoltz has the resume and probably the support.

And holdovers Craig Biggio and Mike Piazza almost got in before and will get in today.

Among the players who fail to get in, Tim Raines and Jeff Bagwell will get over 50% of the vote, boding well for their 2016 chances. Mike Mussina has about 40% of the vote. Edgar Martinez hovers around 25% and Gary Sheffield debuts with around 15%.

Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds will get around 45% of the vote as the steroid deadlock continues. Curt Schilling gets about 33% while Lee Smith falls to around 10%. Alan Trammell’s Hall of Fame candidacy limps to around 20%.

Meanwhile the backlog and strong ballot have Larry Walker, Fred McGriff, Jeff Kent and Sammy Sosa teetering at the edge of elimination.



10 Players Elected to the Hall of Fame

I am a Big Hall Guy. And frankly the Hall should be a reflection of the history and greatness of the game.

I want 10 guys in. I can say almost any 10 guys and there is no player on the cusp that I think would be a travesty to put in.

My ballot would include:

Randy Johnson

Roger Clemens

Barry Bonds

Pedro Martinez

John Smoltz

Mike Piazza

Craig Biggio

Tim Raines

Mike Mussina

Curt Schilling


But any combination like that would work for me. Want to replace Mussina with Walker or Schilling with Alan Trammell, Edgar Martinez or Biggio with Jeff Bagwell? I won’t object. That’s MY 10.

But a big celebration like that would be great for baseball. (Would have been nice to include Dick Allen as well, but I digress.)

Then we clear out the mess that is this ballot, move on and get ready for 2016 when Ken Griffey Jr makes his debut.


Let’s see how accurate my prediction is or if my wish comes true.


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