Sully Baseball Podcast – No Outfielders Pitching In Tie Games Plus Wild Days in Pittsburgh and Oakland – July 25, 2018

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Jeffrey McWhorter, Associated Press

The Phillies and Dodgers saw a head to head match up of first place teams end with an outfielder pitching in extra innings. That shouldn’t happen. There should be ties in baseball.

Meanwhile the Nationals season is heading for disaster while the Pirates and A’s are somehow contenders.

Making sense of the senseless in this episode of Sully Baseball.

While we are at it, enjoy the NEW In Memoriam video.

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Not a bad day for a ballgame in Oakland, 2016 – Sully Baseball Daily Photo at Noon for April 6, 2018


The Oakland Coliseum, or whatever it is called now, gets a lot of crap for being one of the worst parks in baseball.

And yeah, it is an eyesore with the ugly Mount Davis in center field, tarped off seats and the A’s desperately need a new park.

But let me tell you, on a beautiful spring or summer day, even with only a sporadic number of fans in the stands, even a game at the Coliseum can be a glorious thing.