How happy are the Twins they signed Joe Mauer when they did?

Not that Joe Mauer came cheap. He is paid like a unique superstar which he is.
But holy cow, compare Carl Crawford and Jayson Werth‘s contract and their worth to Mauer… an MVP batting champion home town hero catcher?

And if he was on the open market can you imagine the Yankees desperate to make a splash and with a huge hole at catcher and an inviting right field porch doing the bidding?

Can you also imagine the Angels wanting more firepower and star power on the team?

Can you also picture the Red Sox, having let Victor Martinez walk, looking to fill his shoes with the best in the game?

And how about the Cubs wanting to win some fans back? Or the Rangers looking for a long term solution behind the plate?

Could you imagine the bidding war for a player like Mauer?

The bids would START at $200 over 8 years!
Forget a hometown discount. The Twins would have to have him be the owner of the team!
Instead he is stuck with a measly $184 million.
Man, he got lowballed.

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