Hey injured Red Sox… take your time rehabbing

The Red Sox just keep winning. I’m still not convinced they are winning a Division or Wild Card this year, but man it is fun seeing them win.

One refrain I kept hearing from Sox fans was “wait until everyone is healthy.”

Well the Red Sox are far from healthy. But when the likes of Daniel Nava, Franklin Morales, Cody Ross and Aaron Cook are kicking this much butt, maybe their injured players should spend more time in the trainers room.

What Red Sox fan would rather hear the dreaded words “Now pitching, John Lackey” instead of giving Aaron Cook another shot. Cook pitched an 81 pitch masterpiece today. I think Clay Buchholz averaged 81 pitches an inning.

THIS Red Sox team is fun and has guys who aren’t cashing the big checks and breaking down.

If Carl Crawford comes back, does that send Daniel Nava and his .902 OPS to the bench?
Or maybe Cody Ross and HIS .915 OPS will get cobwebs while Crawford cashes a check.

I don’t think so.
Come on Sox. Play the players who are actually winning games and appease the fans. We all know Crawford and Lackey are making a lot of money. Doesn’t mean you have to play them!
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Cubs Should Offer Alfonso Soriano to the Dodgers – A Bleacher Report Article

The Dodgers desperately need a bat, any bat, to help them score runs.
The Cubs desperately need to unload veteran contracts and need a deep pocketed trade partner.

In my latest for Bleacher Report, I argue that Alfonso Soriano could be the Recess Peanut Butter Cup combination that both teams need.

You can read the article HERE.
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A little more than a month ago, the Giants were 1 game above .500 and seven games behind the Dodgers.

12 days ago, the Giants were 5 games out of first place.

This morning, Giants fans will wake up knowing their team is in first place by themselves.
On the heels of Madison Bumgarner’s 1 hit masterpiece, the Giants have climbed into the penthouse by themselves.

Any combination of Giants wins and Dodgers losses equaling 128 will clinch the NL West for the Giants.

Begin the countdown!

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