Hopefully this series is heading back to AWESOME – VILLE

OK… 5 games into the series and it’s a damn good one.
We’ve had a tight opener…
A come from behind 9th inning rally in game 2…
A historic home run performance in game 3…
A kick ass pitching performance in game 4…
And tonight’s game that Rod Serling would call strange.

So here we are. The Rangers have done something that no MLB team based in Texas has every done: Get to the brink of a World Series title.

And they are going back to St. Louis where a home town win can cause a winner take all finale.

Now some World Series have been classics without going 7 games.
1992, 1993 and 1996 all had amazing endings and they all fell just short of the limit.

But in order for this season to have the amazing finale that we’ve been missing in baseball for nearly a decade, either the Cardinals have to win on Wednesday and force a game 7… or game 6 has to go 18 or 19 innings.

It’s been a terrific World Series so far.
We’re not at “Classic” level yet.
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