Angels needed some Seattle coffee to wake up

Originally I was going to call this post “They aren’t dead. They are Angels.”

But I realized there was a problem with that.

Technically, aren’t Angels good ghosts?
Aren’t Angels the good souls of dead people?

I am not sure I can make a good analogy regarding someone being dead and turning out to be an Angel because, and I’ll have to check the rule book on this one, Angels don’t really come back from the dead and they help others not themselves.
So  I scrapped that title for a Java reference.

Man oh man, has this team turned it around.
They were 9 games out and 8 games under .500 at the end of April.
Pujols stunk, the team was in a funk and they looked like a colossal big budget flop.
The Battleship of the American League.

They are 17-10 since. Now they are still 6 1/2 games behind the Rangers. They are still a game under .500. And yes they have been beating up teams like the A’s, Mariners, Twins and Padres.

But good teams beat up the bad teams to pad their record.

And the personnel is starting to play to their abilities. C. J. Wilson and Albert Pujols are pulling their weight. And yes, the team is hitting with the change in the coaching staff.

With 2/3 of the season left, THIS Angels team is scarier than the lousy one in April.

If they were called “The Zombies” I could have made an apt comparison.

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