Folks… this is what the Red Sox are going to be all year

This is why I am not doing a “Dodged Bullet/Teeth Grinder” comparison with the Red Sox this year. I could see it around Easter.

This is a team that will lose a bunch and win a bunch.
Lose dramatically one day, win dramatically the next.

And what better example than the past 2 days.

Yesterday they win with a walk off come from behind 9th inning homer.
Today Aceves coughs up a 9th inning come from behind homer to lose it.

They have 4 games against the Tigers to finish up the month of May.
It is a good bet that they will split those 4 games.

It is who they are.

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Should Nationals Fans Be Called ‘Long Suffering’? – The latest for Bleacher Report

There hasn’t been a Washington DC World Series title since 1924.

That should be enough to label DC fans as “Long Suffering” right?

But does the 30 year absence of baseball and the success of the Orioles relieve it?

These are the burning questions I asked in my latest article for Bleacher Report.

You can read the article HERE.

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When you lower your expectations, Red Sox wins are awesome

Come on Red Sox fans.
Admit it. You thought today was a lost game.

And Salty comes through with a walk off homer and the Red Sox are at .500 again.

Hey, I still don’t think the Red Sox are going anywhere this season. But hey. Walk offs against the Rays are always cool.

I’d love to partake in the “All You Can Eat Crow Buffet” regarding the Sox and their playoff chances. But if today was just a fun win, then that isn’t so bad, it it?

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