Sully Baseball Daily Podcast – October 22, 2014



Take a look at the map above. It is from an ESPN survey of baseball fans asking them which team they are rooting for. The blue states are rooting for the Royals fans. The red ones are pulling for the San Francisco Giants.

That’s pretty cut and dry who most people are rooting for.

The Giants are indeed the bad guys in the 2014 World Series. Relish it, Giants Fans.

Also, what the hell was going on with Tim Lincecum? Is there a behind the scenes rift?

It is the Game 1 of the World Series episode of The Sully Baseball Daily Podcast.

Madison Bumgarner, Hunter Pence and Salvador Perez all Owned the World Series and October


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Sully Baseball Daily Podcast – October 22, 2014

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