I can’t figure out the Mets, and neither can you

The Mets got hit with the injury bug and I thought the Mets were staring at disaster.
I never thought the Mets were going to amount to squat and I’ve been screaming they need to rebuild.

And here we are, almost at Mid May and the Mets are not only above .500 but winning dramatic games including tonight against Philadelphia.

In a way, they are proving me correct.
Young players are taking the lead. Kirk Nieuwenhuis and Ruben Tejada and Lucas Duda and Jordany Valdespin are the ones showing up on the highlights.

And with Philadelphia not exactly lighting the world on fire right now and a team like Washington can’t hold onto the top spot for long, could the Mets become a contender?

I picked them to lose 90 games.
But THAT Met team was the one loaded with veterans and playing sluggish and uninspired baseball.

THIS Mets team is young and kind of exciting.

And trust me, if this team keeps playing, even if they fall far short of the playoffs, Met fans will embrace this team a hell of a lot quicker and with much more love than if they tried to pick up another expensive player.

And maybe by the end of the season every Met fan will know how to spell Nieuwenhuis!

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