Why isn’t #26 retired on the Red Sox?

Look, I’m happy that Scott Podsednik is on the team and homered for the Sox today.
His homer matched his regular season total for 2005. (He hit 2 that post season.)

But why is #26 available for him to wear?

Seriously Red Sox. Wade Boggs wore #26. He was a Hall of Famer who played 11 straight seasons for the Red Sox, winning 5 batting titles and being a key player on the 1986 AL Champs and the 1988 and 1990 Division winners.

There is no excuse for having Scott Podsednik, coming back from injuries and trying to make it as a 4th outfielder and having him say “Can I have a Hall of Famer’s number?”

It is absurd.

I covered this already in my Bleacher Report Article about numbers.

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