The Giants won a big game today.

Oh Sully, you say, there ARE no big games yet. It’s early. It’s May 1.
Nope… they won a big game. They beat the Rockies.
They took the first two from the Rockies and later today can go for the sweep.

Why is it so important? Because it could turn out that the Rockies will probably be the Giants biggest competition for the NL West title… and winning games head to head NOW are games they won’t have to catch up and win later.

Yeah, I know the Padres are in first place. That won’t last. Remember how the Blue Jays were in first place at this point last year? Exactly.

The Dodgers are a bit of a mess and won’t be able to get reinforcements provided the divorce heard round the world plods on.

And Arizona just isn’t clicking yet.

The Giants and the Rockies will probably be the class of the NL West.
And guess what? The Giants have one thing that virtually no other team has:
4 kick butt starters.

As of now, Lincecum, Cain, Zito and Sanchez is the best 1-2-3-4 in the game.

And in a short playoff series, Lincecum could neutralize any other ace in the game (including Halladay or Wainwright) and have the better pitchers in the other games.

In other words… and bear with me… the Giants could find themselves in a great position to possibly… dare we say it?… win the National League Pennant.

But in order to do that, they need to bring in two players:

An outfielder and a reliever.

They don’t need a superstar outfielder… just one who isn’t an automatic out and can get on base for Sandoval to knock in.

And they don’t need an All Star closer… just an effective arm to give Bochy another option late in games.

Most teams are searching for solid starters or a big bat.
The Giants have all of that.

They need a little bit of depth and to avoid injuries.

But they should make those moves NOW.

Try out a few guys from Fresno, see if Jermaine Dye is available… and then see who can be traded for.

This is a strange situation where the division is winnable, the league has a lot of parity and the Giants are holding 4 Aces. Fill in the holes now and go for it big time.

You’ll never know when things will align in the Giants favor quite like this again.
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