The road trip has been OK so far

I guess the Sox have been passing the test of this tough road trip so far.

More homers… more runs piled on…
They outscored the Blue Jays 35-6 in three games.

They’ve scored 60 runs in the first 6 games of the road trip.
That’s right… they went up against the Yankees and Blue Jays and AVERAGED 10 runs a game.

I think the bats are back.

I guess Jon Lester is doing OK… 9 wins, a decent 3.73 ERA… 8 innings 1 run, 2 hits, 8 strikeouts, 1 walk.

So 6 games into the 9 game road trip and 6 wins.
WORST CASE SCENARIO has them going 6-3, which we would have all taken.

Off to Tampa.
Win the series there and come on home!

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