It was hat day today at PetCo Park

I was in San Diego today, making the latest Sully Baseball video with my wife. It was Padres hat day and I got to fulfill one of my life long dreams of having a San Diego hat.

I wear it in one of the videos we shot.
Like all adjustable hats, it is too small for my melon.

I have a 7 3/4 – 7 7/8 head. Even on their last notch, adjustable hats look like a yarmulke on my head. But hey! It was free… and that fit in our budget.

As always San Diego, one of our favorite cities, was great, hospitable and the ballpark was tragically empty.

But it helped make for some cool shots.

New videos will be out this week.

Watch the previous videos on my ShortForm TV channel.

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