Giants fans… this glass is HALF FULL

Before Giants fans go all nuts about losing that game the other day, let’s pull a Superman and spin the world backwards and go back in time.

Let’s spin in alllllll the way back ONE WEEK!

If I told you as the NLCS was about to start that the Giants would be still alive after 5 games, I am guessing you would have ALL TAKEN THAT, right?

Most experts, including me, had the Giants losing in 5 games. So being ALIVE after 5 should be feeling pretty good.

If I told you the Giants would only need to win ONE game in Philadelphia, you’d all take that too.

If I told you Sanchez and Cain would be on full rest, you’d take that in a heart beat.

And if I told you that Roy Halladay would not be starting EITHER of the last 2 games, you’d probably thought your soul was sold.

The Giants are AHEAD of schedule.
Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, thought the Giants would be up 3-1 in this series.

Keep proper perspective. The Giants, if they win, will have pulled off one of the great upsets in recent baseball history. Don’t act upset that it could take longer then 5 games to pull it off!

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