The NL West is slip sliding away for the Giants…


Brant Ward -

Brant Ward –

Anyone following the Giants this season must have had the same thoughts I had on Friday night. The Giants were 5 1/2 games behind the Dodgers in mid August. Any talk of a Division Title was reserved for dreamers or my dad.

Then the Giants went 19-8 and blew the doors off of the Dodgers on Friday to climb to within one game.

Just imagine… a sweep? The Giants would be in first place by themselves. Could they do it?

Of course not. On Saturday, the Giants got bombarded to the point where the  manager’s kid was pitching. (Somewhere in terms of dignity between Felipe Alou managing Moises Alou with the Giants and Dusty Baker letting his kid run on the field during the 2002 World Series.)

As for today? Well they held their own against Clayton Kershaw, Matt Kemp’s homer off of Yusmeiro Petit made it just too much of a hole.

In the end, 4-2 isn’t a bad loss, but it is still a loss. It is still a 3 game difference with less than 2 weeks to go. Sure it is possible… it would just be a lot better if it were a 1 game difference!

The Braves nosedive is making the Wild Card look more and more like an inevitability, which is all anyone was thinking about in Mid August anyway!

I guess I should update the Dodged Bullet/Teeth Grinder tally.

An explanation of what this is all about can be found HERE.




Buster Posey cut the lead to 1 run with an RBI single. But he was later thrown out at second, Matt Kemp homered and Clayton Kershaw and the Dodgers padded their Division Lead, 4-2 over the Giants. TEETH GRINDER

54 Dodged Bullets 49 Teeth Grinders





Sam Fuld homered and hit an RBI single and Brandon Moss ended a long home run drought as Jon Lester wiggled out of trouble to win another game for the A’s, 4-0. DODGED BULLET

52 Dodged Bullets 53 Teeth Grinders






Red Sox fell behind 4-0 but clawed back. for some reason, KC did not bring in a lefty to face Daniel Nava and he made them pay with a grand slam as the Sox won, 8-4. DODGED BULLET

Dodged Bullets 63 Teeth Grinders 74

TOTAL: -11


Jon Lester was great again. Funny, for someone whose arrival has hurt the A’s so badly, he has been pretty great.


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